Although a bus would be the ultimate keen driving machine, SW aka Station Wagon seem to be a fair compromise for our keen punters.



Station wagons have always been around; since the first ages of automobiles. They are practical vehicles for the family as well as for single people. The rear cargo provides the extra storage that the Keen will need, for the different activities that he is planning.


Two men, two station wagons. And one silly artefact.

When organizing a party for instance, the keen crew will appreciate the SW for its capacity. Heavy duty speakers were once moved from Bordentown to Lawrenceville in a SW, in ONE trip.

A SW will offer opportunities, when people are giving away furniture, or selling it for cheap because they are moving. We will always remember the courage of the Buick for carrying a complete pool table, which weighted around 800lbs.

As an owner of a SW, you will be encouraged to participate in sports activities. A bike can be easily carried around for the nice days.

The owner of a SW will always be appreciated by his friends for offering the services of his keen vehicle.